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NMEA 0183 v4.0 (IEC 61162-1:2011) Signal Processing Module

SELMA BNWAS - NMEA Signal Processing Module

The ship’s heading / track control systems (Autopilot $–HTD and GPS $GPVTG) determine the Automatic Operational Mode, as required by IEC 62616:2010.
By default, SELMA BNWAS is using NC / NO contacts for interfacing to the ship’s heading / track control systems.
If required and available on the ship, the related NMEA 0183 v4.0 (IEC 61162-1:2011) signals can also be used with the addition of the NMEA Signal Processing Module.

NMEA 0183 v4.0 (IEC 61162-1:2011) Signal Processing Module Technical Specifications

Power Supply 24V DC
Location Inside Main Control Panel
NMEA 0183, Serial Input / Output ports 1 – 3 / 1  (Based on system configuration)
IEC 61162 Sentences $ZDA, $GGA, $HTD, $HTG, $VBW, $VTG, $ALR, etc
Protection Inputs / Outputs >5kV opto-isolation, ESD ±15kV (IEC 1000-4-2)
Output IEC 61162-1:2011 RS422 / RS485 / RS232
Data Rate 4800 – 38400 bps
Main System: