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PIR-MW Motion Detector

As described in IEC 62616:2010, the reset function can be also initiated by devices registering physical activity and mental alertness of the OOW. Bridge Inspector supports the integration of various such devices.
SELMA BNWAS - PIR / MW Motion Detectors
SELMA BNWAS - PIR / MW Detector Lens Coverage Patterns

Upon owners request, one or more SELMA Type Approved, hybrid Passive Infrared (PIR) / active microwave, motion detector sensors can be used as external inputs registering physical activity on Bridge Inspector.
SELMA type approved ceiling mount hybrid motion sensors offer the ideal solution for ship bridges in which wall and corner mounting is unsuitable due to direct exposure to sun light and bridge equipment obscuring line of sight.
Furthermore, the SELMA type approved sensor is designed with state-of-the-art components to ensure reliable operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Its special 110° wide-angle spherical Fresnel lens provides full 360° coverage. Utilising a dual element pyroelectric technology SELMA motion detector provides superior RFI/EMI protection and has automatic temperature compensation.

PIR / MW Motion Detector Technical Specifications

Power Supply 12V DC
Contacts Alarm / Tamper
Installation Height Up to 4m
PIR Lens Coverage 110° Angle, 360° Overview
Adjustable Beam 5 – 7 m diameter

SELMA Motion Detectors come with a DC/DC converter.

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