SELMA Simplified BNWAS – Engineering excellence at a competitive price

Following the success of SELMA Bridge Inspector, the advanced touch screen technology Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm system (BNWAS), SELMA launches Bridge Inspector Simplified Version in May 2012.

SELMA Bridge Inspector Simplified Version is the new type approved BNWAS retaining the high end characteristics of its bigger brother at a low end price.

With touch screen technology, GPS and Autopilot NMEA Auto Mode operation, detailed alarm messages, PLC control, heavy duty control panel and marine approved parts from Schneider Electric found at over 5000 stores worldwide, SELMA Bridge Inspector Simplified Version is an elaborate robust system guaranteed to last longer than any other system.

Bridge-Inspector Simplified Version System by SELMA


Bridge Inspector Simplified Version is designed to comply with and exceed the corresponding BNWAS Rules and Regulations: IMO MSC 128.75 & A.694.17, IMO MSC 191.79 & Circ.982, IEC 61162, IEC 60945, IEC 62288, IEC 62616